Pre-Operative Instructions

Download Pre-Operative Instructions (PDF)

The following instructions should be followed closely except when overruled by specific procedural instructions.

If you are taking any medications on the following list, they should be discontinued 2 weeks prior to surgery and only acetaminophen products, such as Tylenol, should be taken for pain. All other medications – prescriptions, over-the-counter and herbal – that you are currently taking must be specifically cleared by Dr. Johnson prior to surgery. It is absolutely necessary that all of your current medications be specifically cleared by Dr. Johnson and the nursing staff.

Post Operative Instructions

There may be information here that contradicts information on the general Post-Operative Instructions sheet. Any time this occurs, follow these procedure specific instructions. If you have any questions, please call the office at (413) 731-7877.

Download Post-Operative Instructions (PDF)

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