Botox® Injections Available in our Longmeadow, MA Office

Botox 50 unit box

BOTOX® Cosmetic is a nonsurgical treatment that temporarily reduces moderate to severe frown lines between the brows. Very low doses of BOTOX® Cosmetic are administered via a few tiny injections into the muscles. BOTOX® relaxes muscles to decrease the appearance of wrinkles in the injected areas. See label details and warnings.

Certified ExpertInjector™

Many doctors offering injectibles Certified ExpertInjectorthese days may be practicing outside of their area of specialty, which can put you at risk. That’s why it’s so important to choose a trained, certified ExpertInjector™ such as Dr. Melissa Johnson, MD, FACS, a board certified plastic surgeon who is properly qualified to perform injectable procedures and only administers products approved for aesthetic use by the FDA.

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Challen's before & after Botox® treatments video
Challen explains how Botox® Cosmetic helps make moderate frown lines of the brow area less noticeable
Catherine's before & after Botox® treatments video
Catherine discusses the importance of product history and results when considering treatments to reduce brow lines.
Kristine's before & after Botox® treatments video
Kristine began to see results within two days of her Botox® Cosmetic treatments.
Julia's before & after Botox® treatments video
After Julia's first experience with Botox® Cosmetic treatments, she noticed improvement in the look of the lines between her brows.

Botox injections conveniently located in Longmeadow, MA

Located in the historic Brewer-Young Mansion, just minutes off I-91.