Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos

Dr. Melissa A. Johnson, MD FACS

by Dr. Melissa Johnson MD, FACS

Each year I perform hundreds of aesthetic and reconstructive procedures and every patient's case is unique. Presented in this gallery is a small collection of pre- and post-op plastic surgery photographs representing some of my real patient cases. I would like to thank each of these patients for their contribution to the worthy cause of helping others learn about aesthetic and reconstructive surgical options. In all cases, the subjects in these pictures have given their permission for such use. If you are considering plastic surgery, these before and after photographs can help you gain an understanding of attainable results for various procedures. In addition to the photos you see here, I keep an extensive portfolio of patient before-and-after photos that can be shared in the privacy of my Springfield office. It is my hope that seeing a similar procedure performed on another patient will help you make informed decisions. Please use these photos as just one tool in your learning arsenal, and keep in mind that it is important to discuss the benefits, risks, and costs of appropriate treatment alternatives with your physician and to receive guidance from your physician as to the optimal course of action.

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